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Heyo there! Welcome to my page of possible placements for various links. Here you'll find my social media links, donation and commission information. Don't forget the tea and snacks to your right! Thank you for taking interest in my work!

Terms of Service

As of June 2022

Please review the following before commissioning me:

By commissioning me, SilverGeki, you regard that the style I normally use for doing art is the style of which your character will be portrayed in. I retain any and all rights to the art, not the character, and it may not be used or recreated in any way except for personal use. This includes but is not limited to: printing art onto apparel, posters, buttons, patches, pins and digital media. I appreciate a notice before commissioned art is shared to any other websites such as Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook, or other sites. Shared or reposted art must be given credit for.I refuse to do commissioned work for any and all NFT-related sources or interests.

What I will draw:

  • Original Characters (OCs)

  • Furries

  • Bestial/Mythological Creatures

  • Video Game Characters

  • Pets

  • Manga/Comic Spreads

  • Blood, Gore and NSFW

Please email or DM me on Discord for specifics regarding manga/comic spreads.
NSFW works will require the commissioner to be over the age of 18.

What I will not draw:

  • Realism

  • Other Artists' Styles

  • Detailed Machinery

  • Complex Backgrounds

  • Racist/Hate Symbols

  • Extreme Fetish Art

Price Sheet

I accept payment in forms of PayPal for the total amount due, plus character complexity if necessary.Please fill out a quote form on the main page for a more accurate pricing estimate, as character complexity, additional characters and nsfw themes will raise the base prices.

Headshot - $30

A character bust, usually including most if not all of the hair, entire face and any jewelry/clothing from the shoulders up. Stop staring at me with them big ol’ eyes!

Half Body - $45

A character figure from the waist up, including arms and clothing (if applicable). Two halves make a whole, right? Hmm...

Full Body - $60

A full figure, complete with desired outfit. Posing may vary from dynamic to chill, sometimes even adorable or malevolent.
This commission type will usually feature a simple background of gradient colors or props.

Full Illustration - $80

A full figure, all the works included.
This commission type will usually feature a more complex/detailed background and props.

Chibi - $25

A chibi-style of your desired character, complete with all the cutesy goodness. Hilariously large head, big shiny eyes and just the right amount of adorable.

Note: The above prices are for single characters. If you’re interested in a commission featuring more than one character, the price will increase by half the base amount!Once a commission is past the sketching phase and is approved for lining, it is no longer subject to change or refund. Please keep this in mind when commissioning me. I will send you the sketch image for approval once it has been finalized, and we can discuss further changes if necessary before lines are set. Any changes made after lining has begun may change the outcome appearance of the work.
It is your responsibility to inform me of any changes to be made to the sketch.
To inquire about a commission or to get a quote, please fill out the Quote Form on the main page, and I will reply to you as soon as I can!More examples of my art can be found in the Gallery section or on my social media pages linked above. Thank you for the interest in my work!